On this website, you’ll find a bunch of interesting (and non-interesting) information about me. I’ll describe my curriculum as well as my current research interests. On the other hand, I’ll also try to add new posts regularly. My first posts present a few academic projects I’ve done during my engineering diploma.

My future posts may concern different topics. Some will announce news about me, such as an accepted paper. Other posts will detail my thoughts about a technical or scientific problem I study. In particular, I will sometimes try to give my gut feelings about some of my scientific contributions. Indeed, academic papers are reserved for concrete facts, but it could be beneficial to provide intuitions or vague ideas about a formal (and hard-to-grasp) publication.

Besides the engineer I am and the scientist I want to be, I am also an average citizen with his own metaphysical questions and ethical dilemmas. During my engineering diploma, I had the opportunity, thanks to various courses or non-profit associations, to develop some ethical concerns about sustainability, FOSS, technology, politics, etc. I don’t exclude the possibility of writing blog posts about such questions.

To conclude, if you want to discuss my work or anything else, feel free to contact me!