Short Bio 📕

I am a freshly graduated Computer engineer 🎓 interested in Cybersecurity and Data. I am currently a PhD student in privacy-preserving machine learning at the University of Twente 🇳🇱 and Inria Lille 🇫🇷. I am a geeky person 🤓 able to discuss in vain any new hype technology. But, on a more personal aspect, I am trying to figure out the place (and the sense) of computer systems in a sustainable world 🌍.

If you are interested in my work (or my thoughts), please message me to discuss it!

Long Bio 📚

Education 🎓

  • [2022-now] PhD in Computer Science from the University of Lille (Lille, France)
    • Subject: Secure protocols for verifiable decentralized machine learning
    • Supervisors: Florian Hahn (University of Twente), Andreas Peter (University of Oldenburg), and Jan Ramon (Inria Lille)
  • [2016-2021] Engineering diploma in Computer Science from the University of Technology of Compiègne (Compiègne, France)
    • Major: Data Mining
    • Minors: “Mathematical Modelling”, “Philosophy, Technology and Cognition”, “Controversies, Communication and Technology”
    • GPA: 5/5
  • [July 2019] TOEFL iBT
    • 105/120 = C1
  • [2013-2016] French scientific Baccalauréat (Vaujours, France)
  • [-] Completed MOOCs (Remote)
    • GDPR (CNIL), Cryptography I (Dan Boneh), Programming in C (OpenClassroom), Programming in JS (OpenClassroom), Programming in Python (OpenClassroom)

Work experience 💼

  • [Oct. 23 - Sep. 25] Research contract in the SCS group at the University of Twente (Enschede, The Netherlands)
    • Work on my PhD research.
  • [Apr. 22 - Sep. 23] Doctoral contract in the Inria MAGNET team (Lille, France)
    • Work on my PhD research.
    • Topics: Cryptography, Privacy, ML, MPC
  • [Oct. 21 - Mar. 22] Research engineer in the Inria MAGNET team (Lille, France)
    • Developed modules for the open-source library Tailed (dedicated to Federated Learning)
    • Prepared my PhD topic
    • C/C++, Python, Rust
  • [Feb. 21 - July 21] Research engineer internship in the Inria MAGNET team (Lille, France)
    • POC for a decentralized secure privacy-preserving surveying for mobile devices.
    • Development and technology watch for the open-source library Tailed (whose goal is to simplify access to trustworthy Federated Learning)
    • C/C++, Python, Kivy, Starlette, Redis, Gitlab CI
  • [Feb. 20 - July 20] Research intern in the Services, Cybersecurity and Safety group (University of Twente, Netherlands)
    • Attacks against Searchable Symmetric Encryption
    • Supervised by Andreas Peter and Florian Hahn
    • Python, numpy, pandas, nltk, scipy
  • [2020] Freelance (Remote)
  • [Sept. 19 - Feb. 20] Python Back-End intern in Gatewatcher (Paris, France)
    • Work on the intrusion detection system Trackwatch
    • Python Back-End: Django, Flask, Docker
    • Continuous integration: Python, Docker, Gitlab
    • Data engineering: Elasticsearch (ILM deployment, queries, etc.), Logstash, Redis, PostgreSQL
  • [Summer 2017] Volunteering in a social enterprise (Cambridge, UK)
    • Wedding organization: cooking, cleaning, hospitality, bar-tending, maintenance of green spaces
  • [2017] MOOC instructor (France)
    • Examiner for an IFCAM (Crédit Agricole) MOOC about digital writing

Volunteering in non-profit associations 🚀

  • [February 2018 - September 2021] Member then Treasurer of Rhizome: a non-profit Internet Service Provider
    • Provides events, like Imaginarium Festival, with WiFi used for contactless payment
    • Provides our subscribers with internet access
    • Organizes conferences about open-source and Free-culture movement
    • Association member of the FFDN
  • [2017 - 2018] Manager of Communication and Sponsorships of TEDxUTCompiègne
    • Organization of the third TEDxUTCompiègne conference
  • [2019] IT Manager of Escap’UT (student association organizing escape games in our university)
    • Website and reservation system development
    • Enigmas using computers, Raspberry Pi, and sensors

Institutional responsabilities 🏫

  • [2017-2021] Student representative at the board of directors of the University of Technology of Compiègne
  • [2018-2019] Student representative at the CS department at the University of Technology of Compiègne
  • [2017-2019] Student representative at the Humanities department of the University of Technology of Compiègne

Technical skills 💻

  • Expert: Python, Django, Flask, LaTeX, Redis
  • Advanced: C/C++, ElasticSearch, Docker, SQL, JavaScript/Typescript
  • Intermediate: R, Scylla, MongoDB
  • Other technologies I used/learned: Rust, XML, XSLT, Scilab, UML, php, Bash, HTML/CSS, etc.

Language skills 🌍

  • French: Native
  • English: C1
  • Spanish: B2
  • Basics of Russian and Chinese

My Interests 🧙

  • eSport 🎮
  • CTF 🧑‍💻
  • Drinks 🍻 with interesting people